Sauces & Spreads

Turkey Gravy

The best homemade gravy to compliment a simple roast turkey.

Fittest Macaroni & Cheese

The creamiest most comforting macaroni and cheese made from vegetables. One taste and you will change the way your family eats macaroni and cheese!

Goat Cheese with Honey, Fig and Pistachios

A savory, sweet, crunchy bite of goodness. This is the perfect recipe to impress your guests with little effort required.

Caesar Dressing

This simple Caesar Dressing recipe, rivals the best caesar dressing you've ever had.

Classic Spaghetti Sauce

A Classic Spaghetti Sauce recipe that doesn't require much prep work and will be requested by the pickiest of eaters.

Smoked Bone Broth

Smoked Bone Broth is an unforgettable smokey flavored stock that is delicious and rich sipped on its own or as a base for homemade soups.

Healthy Hot Fudge

We were determined to take you back to the memory of a McDonald's hot fudge sundae (minus the processed sugar and ingredients)!!! Spoonful after spoonful, we fell in love-- this Healthy Hot Fudge will change your life... forever.​

Healthy Cheeseless Queso Dip

A crazy good, guilt-free, Healthy Cheeseless Queso Dip, made using a secret ingredient!

Salted Vanilla Cashew Butter

Creamy and buttery Salted Vanilla Cashew Butter made in your blender or processor at home--so good, you will probably never want to buy another store bought brand ever again!

Balsamic Reduction

This recipe for Balsamic Reduction requires only ONE ingredient: balsamic vinegar-- you can use the reduction for roasted vegetables, caprese salad, and even as a glaze for strawberries (because it is that good)!