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How Fittest Kitchen Started



The idea behind creating budget-friendly and healthy recipes started long before Fittest Kitchen ever came about. Back in 2011, The Holdens and Deuberts crossed paths and quickly developed what has now become a lifelong friendship. While Barrett and Dusty built their friendship in the CrossFit gym, Becky and Courtney found common ground in cooking and eating healthful, nourishing food. In fact, experimenting in the kitchen with different foods and ingredients became one of their favorite hobbies.



Courtney explains that, “not only did we want to create amazing food, we both strived to develop recipes that promoted energy, strength, beauty and endurance.” After years of experimenting in the kitchen, the perfect collection of recipes for their families and friends started to transpire. Since 2012, Becky and Courtney have dreamed of finding a way to share their recipes with families everywhere. However, once babies came into the picture, and their families started growing by the number, their dream was placed on the backburner.



In 2016, Becky and Courtney discussed the possibility of pursuing their lifelong dream once again. Unfortunately, as full-time moms, time commitment became the enemy. After deliberating, the girls decided to leave it in God’s hands and prayed that if it was meant to be, it would be. A few months passed, and then, Emily walked into their lives. Similar to Becky and Courtney, Emily has an unmissable passion for food, cooking and helping others achieve optimal health. Upon the completion of her collegiate soccer career, Emily launched a health and wellness blog and took up photography. When she pursued a possible internship/job at the Deubert and Holdens’ family business, The Health Factory, Courtney and Becky knew that their prayer had been gratefully answered.



The girls connected immediately, and soon thereafter, the idea of Fittest Kitchen was born. Becky explained, “upon meeting Emily, we instantly knew she was a God send; meeting her reminded us that Jesus is in every detail of our life and it was time to dig in and turn our dream into a reality.” Courtney added, “it would have been extremely difficult to tackle our goal with little humans running around our feet and food flying in every which direction… however, with Emily’s passion and professionalism, she has made our journey a beautiful one to share.”

With the help of Dr. Barret and nutritional guidance of Dusty, each Fittest Kitchen recipe is crafted with the macronutrients (protein, fat and carbohydrates) in mind. The Fittest Kitchen family truly believes that real food canmove you, and we strive to give you recipes that do just that. With the official launch date, August 1, 2017, quickly approaching, Fittest Kitchen could not be more excited to debut and share with the world the years of love poured into their kitchens!



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