We are a group of friends, who just so happen to be health and nutrition experts, on a quest for a cleaner kitchen.




Our mission is to provide healthy, easy, and macro-friendly recipes that nourish the body and mind, fuel performance and bring people together around the table. Fittest Kitchen is real people, working alongside one another each day to bring you helpful nutritional content and amazing, macro-friendly recipes. 

Meet the Team


Barrett Deubert, D.C.

Chiropractic Doctor
Dr. Barrett combines his love for helping others with his nutrition and chiropractic expertise to guide patients towards optimal health. As a medical health professional, Dr. Barrett helps integrate health into our nutritional plans so that members are more equipped with meeting their goals.

Dusty Holden

Nutrition Specialist
Dusty is a PrecisionNutrition certified nutrition coach who pretty much sees the world in macronutrient breakdowns. After years of running a nutrition department, and coaching individuals through proper food, exercise and recovery methods, Dusty is our go-to guy for nutritional advice and programming.

Becky Deubert

Kitchen Content Creator
Starting The Fittest Kitchen has been one of Becky's lifelong dreams. If it weren’t for Becky, all these recipes would be like the other guys - boring and complicated. Becky is passionate about bringing people and food together in the best possible way.
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Courtney Holden

Certified Natural Health Professional
Courtney credits the betterment of her life to clean eating. After discovering the positive role of food and health in her own transformation, she founded a gluten free bakery to inspire change in the lives of others. Since 2007, she has become a certified natural health professional, fast casual eatery founder and an avid contributor to Fittest Kitchen.

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